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Independent Filmmaker 

Founder of Accent A Productions

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Nathanael Molnár has been involved in independent film production for many years.

Growing up on the North Shore of Massachusetts, Nathanael always had a passion for movies. He studied Film/Video at Fitchburg State University, graduating in 2020. During his time in the program, Nathanael directed a music video, Every Day is Exactly the Same (2017), which was selected to be part of the Fitchburg State Music Video Film Festival. He wrote and directed his Intermediate Cinema film, The Upper Hand (2018), and served as the Assistant Director on the Advanced Cinema film, Mom's Coming Home (2019). He also wrote, produced, and directed "It Had To Be Today!" (2019)  for his directing class. 

In addition to these production classes, Nathanael also studied Film History, Writing Film Criticism, Short Film Story Development, Writing for Film and Video, and Asian Cinemas.

Nathanael's first big project was Sleep No More (2020), a short film he wrote, directed, and produced. He won four awards for his work on the film, including Best Horror Short at the New York Movie Awards and Best First Time Filmmaker at the V.I.Z. Film Fest.

Post-graduation, Nathanael is still very active with film work. He wrote, directed, and produced What Hides Within (2023), which premiered at Cinema Salem in Salem, MA on June 24, 2023. He is currently in post-production on a new short film, Alone in Here (2024). He also works on writing feature length spec scripts.


He is also in active development on other new projects through his production company, Accent A Productions, which he launched in 2022.


Nathanael has had experience writing screenplays, directing films, working on sets, script doctoring, as well as critiquing and analyzing films. 

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Nathanael's projects he has worked on as a writer, director, and producer


Nathanael's history with film criticism, including industry interviews

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Nathanael's production company and its upcoming developments

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