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Film Criticism Experience

S1E10: The Matrix (1999) - Movie Night Tonight
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Podcast posted on 11/21/18

Nathanael first became involved in independent film criticism in 2014 when he launched his blog, The Movie Paradise. For years he wrote movie reviews and editorials, even interviewing people in the industry. 


He then ran the Movie Night Tonight podcast for three seasons, a movie discussion show that broke films down in depth with a panel. 


For his college internship, Nathanael wrote for Incluvie, a movie review website focused on representation and diversity in film. Nathanael was one of Incluvie's top-ranking writers, pulling in consistent readers with his articles. Written on, Nathanael's articles were often picked up and distributed by Medium to be displayed on their front page. He was also given the badge of Top Film Writer.

Happy Death Day 2U: An Interview with Writer/Director Christopher Landon (2019)
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In 2019, Nathanael had the privilege of speaking to Christopher Landon, the writer and director of Happy Death Day 2U (2019).

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