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What Hides Within

When a couple traveling for the holidays learns that a blizzard is imminent, they seek shelter in their family lake house. The longer they stay in the house, the more it seems that they may not be alone.

What Hides Within (2023) Trailer
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Writer/Director: Nathanael Molnár
Producers: Andrew Nunes, Nathanael Molnár
Director of Photography: Jack MacMullin
Script Supervisor: Evan Garrone
Sound Technician: Kyle McFadyen
Editor: Andrew Nunes
Score: Johnny Gifford
Sound Design: Ben Bradford
Color Grading: Alex O'Neil
Starring: Madaline Falcone, Rachael Miles

Following Sleep No More's festival success, Nathanael wanted to follow it up with something bigger and further exemplary of his abilities. Recruiting a lot of the same team from Sleep No More, Nathanael filmed What Hides Within in Chocorua, New Hampshire in January of 2022.

The film premiered at Cinema Salem in Salem, Massachusetts on June 24, 2023 to an audience of friends and family. What Hides Within went on the play at festivals, winning a few awards.

First Indiegogo promotional video from November 2021

Second Indiegogo promotional video from February 2022

Slates with Evan - On Set Video

The Premiere of What Hides Within

June 24, 2023