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Alone in Here

A woman races against time after watching a true crime documentary that features her imminent disappearance that same night.

Writer/Director: Nathanael Molnár
Producers: Andrew Nunes, Ben Bradford, Nathanael Molnár
Director of Photography: Ben Bradford
Script Supervisor: Evan Garrone
Gaffer: Ben Bradford
Camera Team: Chris Francis, Jordan Waterworth
Production Designer: John Hughes
Editor: Ben Bradford
Sound Designer: Ben Bradford
Score: Johnny Gifford
Color Grading: Loi Huynh
Make-Up: Stef Tivnan
Starring: Holly Anne Frink, Rachael Miles, Madaline Falcone

aih indie.jpg

After premiering What Hides Within in June of 2023, Nathanael was eager to develop his next project. With the encouragement of Andrew Nunes and Ben Bradford, he revisited an old concept he had been playing with for a couple of years, which ultimately turned into Alone in Here. Andrew and Ben joined the project as the film entered pre-production in August of 2023. 


The documentary featured in Alone in Here was filmed in December of 2023, with principal photography being completed in in April of 2024. The film is currently in post-production. 

Indiegogo promotional video from
March 2024

Teaser trailer for the fictional documentary

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